Listening to Avril Lavigne at 9:45 at night :)

Listening to Avril Lavigne at 9:45 at night :)

Anonymous said: you are absolutely gorgeous

You’re too sweet :)

Anonymous said: Your voice sounds really feminine even if you're not trying to make it higher. Which is awesome! It's great to watch you blossom. Will you be taking a semester off after your SRS? I've heard it's a really intense surgery and requires a lot of recovery time, so make sure you set yourself up with time to heal. :)

Hi! Thank you! Yes, in sorts. I’m taking online courses this fall, as they say at least 6 weeks recovery without doing anything

Anonymous said: If I'm doing my math right 114 = 28.5 months so you've been on HRT for 2.5 years?

More like 2 years 3 months, but yeah! Close enough ;)

Anonymous said: You are such a cutie! I look forward to your updates every week.

Aww, thank you, I’m glad :)

Anonymous said: How's your voice recovery coming along? :)

Good! Thanks!

HRT Week 117

Anonymous said: Wow you are such a cutie. Love the long hair.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said: Hey Ashlee! :) Are you german?

Not by birth. I count it as one of my homes though. It’s where I lived from ages 4-9. And my favourite place I’ve lived. I love Germany. It means a lot to me.

Anonymous said: Wir haben gewonnen YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!

Ja!!! Wunderbar!!!!! :)

HRT Week 116

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEUTSCHLAND!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Götze!!!!!!!!

Go Deutschland!!!!!! We got this!

Anonymous said: Ya ever smoke any weed in denver

I really have nothing against it, but no, I don’t personally.