HRT Week 124

Anonymous said: You are the bravest and strongest person. Hope all is well.

You’re too sweet. Thank you. It is :)

Anonymous said: Congratulations on your surgery! I know it's all sore now but it must feel so good to be rid of that one part you hated so much. Enjoy your new vagina! :D

Thank you! I am :)

Anonymous said: I'm happy your surgery went well!!! Hope you feel better!! I'm so happy for you!!

Thank you :)

Anonymous said: Hey Ashlee, hope your surgery went well & you recover quickly with no problems :)

It did. Thank you :)

Been putting it off, but finally watched the episode today. Cried so much. Goodbye Casey.

Been putting it off, but finally watched the episode today. Cried so much. Goodbye Casey.

Anonymous said: You're so pretty

Aww shucks. Thank you

Anonymous said: Hey, just wanted to say your Yeson results sound amazing- also you're gorgeous! <3

Thanks so much!!!! :)

Sorry everyone for not replying to messages yet. I’m just getting back into the swing of things, but I’ll try to get caught up soon, love ya! :)

Anonymous said: Hi! How did your surgery go? I've heard good things about Brassard and am considering him for myself in the future. I follow princessjoules on youtube and she said she had a lot of pain. Do you have a lot as well? Also, I'm so confused about dilating! Like it sucks that we have to do it for the rest of our lives. However, Janet mock had surgery in Thailand and was allowed to stop the dilating after six months or so (from her book). I wonder how it'd be any different?

Good! Thank you. I follow her as well and saw that video. I personally had almost no pain, and am in virtually no pain right now. I didn’t take any pain meds after the hospital actually. It’s completely different for everyone. I also had more bleeding than some people for a few days, but it went away. And I’m a huge homebody so I got really homesick. But having the nurses there to make sure everything was ok was really important. Dilating does suck, not going to lie, but it’s not too bad. It starts out with you having to do it 4 times a day, then 3, then 2 a week, then eventually after a year you only have to dilate one day a week for the rest of your life. Small trade off. 15 minutes one day a week isn’t bad at all. I bought her book, but haven’t finished it yet, but the only thing I can think of as to why she stopped dilating was because penetrative sex counts as one dilation after a few months. Other than that, it’s important to always keep up with dilating or you’ll lose the depth of the vagina.

Anonymous said: you are perf I don't know whether I want to marry you or be you

Oh gosh. Thank you, not perfect though. But thank you :)

HRT Week 123

HRT Week 122

Anonymous said: Starting to worry about you. Hope your well.

Don’t worry. I’ve just been very very busy lately. But I’m doing well :)

WHAT?!?! 3000 followers, that&#8217;s insane. Just wow. Thank you. &lt;3 you all :)

WHAT?!?! 3000 followers, that’s insane. Just wow. Thank you. <3 you all :)