Anonymous asked: can i have some help? i am 17 :P

Hi! Yeah, what’s up?

Anonymous asked: Have you ever experienced heartbreak?

Nope. Never been in a relationship. Never been kissed. And I deal really well with death.

Anonymous asked: Have you given ant thought to other hairstyles? You certainly have the hair for it. Curls maybe?

Hi! I haven’t really, I’ve tried curling my hair before, but my hair doesn’t curl. It just doesn’t.

Anonymous asked: Hi Ashlee, I've been following you a couple months. Your journey's so inspiring! Currently I'm very masculine, but lately I've been questioning my gender. Not asking you anything really; just saying "hi." Oh, and I'm from Denver too!

Hiiiiiii!!!!! :)

Anonymous asked: Does that mean there won't be anymore spring dresses for a while?

Actually, I’ll probably wear one tomorrow, haha. It’s supposed to get up to 22 degrees (71 degrees Fahrenheit), so I should be fine. Colorado weather is weird that way. This afternoon all the snow had melted and I had the air-con on in my car.

Well that didn’t last long

Guys! 30 days!!!!!!!

Guys! 30 days!!!!!!!

HRT Week 102

Anonymous asked: Your such a girl. How do you do it. It doesn't even seem like you work at being adorable anymore. It just seems to happen!

Hahaha, well thank you :)

Anonymous asked: You're beautiful girl! You pass so well I would never notice

Thank you! :)

I love this warm weather we’re having :)

Anonymous asked: You give me strength

Thanks sweetie. It actually does get better :)

Anonymous asked: YOU'RE SO BEAUTIFUL !!

Thank you!! :)

HRT 101

A friend did my hair at school today. How cute, right? I love it.

A friend did my hair at school today. How cute, right? I love it.