Anonymous said: How did the extended family react to your transition?

Really well! If I remember correctly, I sent out an email to everyone (I have a lot of family members), and then had my mom call anyone if they wanted more info. But everyone was pretty awesome and accepting! Some of them adjusted right away, and others still confused pronouns and stuff as recently as October (not that they meant to). I think the only ones I’m not really sure about are my relatives who live in Texas. They’re staunch republicans and stuff, and I’m not sure exactly how they feel. But I’m not really going to directly ask. They use correct pronouns and everything and don’t treat me differently, so I’d say they’re pretty accepting. I got very lucky that my whole family is incredibly accepting.

Anonymous said: Hey, I just stumbled upon you while researching some trans stuff. I'm trans MtF myself, and you've kinda reassured me about the whole thing. I'm only 16 and haven't really told anyone about it, so thinking about coming out to people and the process of transitioning was kinda worrying before. Thank you for posting your experiences online.

Of course! Glad I could help! Chat to me whenever you want :)

Anonymous said: erguifdhqeiugFUEGVHQEI you're absolutely stunning. i think you would look really cute with a pixie cut tbh, have you ever considered it? i think it'd really flatter your face shape, you have lovely cheek bones and angles.... ahhhhhh so attractive ughghgh

Awwww, hahaha, thank you. Never really thought about. Took me two years to get my hair this length, and I don’t know when/if I’ll go shorter. But thank you!! :)

Any Aussies or Brits out there that watch Home and Away? These past weeks have been killing me. And I really really don’t want Casey to leave 😒

HRT 120

Finally!!!! Sorry I’ve kept you all waiting this long.

HRT Week 119

Anonymous said: Do you like girls?

Yes yes yes and yes. Girls are just awesome :)

Anonymous said: Hi! I really want to just like meet you in person. You're that awesome!!

Thank you!!! I’d love to meet people in person. If anyone ever sees me, say hi!!

Anonymous said: i just noticed you went back to ID'ing as a lesbian!

Haha, yep! Sometimes it goes back and forth between bi and gay, but usually it’s like way lesbian.

Anonymous said: I've always wanted to let you know that you're one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Keep on keepin' on. xo

I don’t even know what to say. Thank you so much ☺️

Anonymous said: jij ziet er goed uit, de mooiste vrouw wat ik ooit heb gezien

You’re too sweet. Thank you 😊

Anonymous said: You're beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring.

Ok, I’m embarrassed now, haha. Thank you sweetie 😊❀️

Perfect way to end my 21st birthday. Pasta, wine cooler, and south of nowhere :)

Perfect way to end my 21st birthday. Pasta, wine cooler, and south of nowhere :)